Community Manager​


A good Social Media Ads, Video Ads and Mobile advertising campaign depends, among other things, on a good positioning strategy in social networks, accompanied by an efficient management of your brand profile in them.
Its function will also be to keep your community of followers informed and respond with precision to the different demands respecting not only the interaction with them but also the different metrics that guide on the behaviors of the users.
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Advantages of have a Community Manager
  • You can improve the reputation of your company.
  • You will be able to humanize your brand more.
  • Your company will obtain an online communication strategy.
  • You will open a new customer service channel.
  • You will have an expert to handle the image of the brand on the network.
Objectives of a Community Manager
  • Improve the visibility of the brand in the digital world.
  • Establish a relationship with customers.
  • Increase the community with high value to keep the brand.
  • Establish relationship through social networks.
Functions of a Community Manager
  • Comply the objectives of digital marketing, social networks.
  • Realization of content publication calendar.
  • Generate digital communication with users interested in our content.
  • Activity analysis of our brand competitors.
  • Identify the leading influencers in the sector to establish a relationship with your brand.
  • Realize reports monthly.