Technology for good live


We are an Information Technology and Communications projects company. We specialize in the provision of custom software engineering services, cloud computing solutions, structured structured cabling engineering, website creation 3. 0, digital marketing , corporate branding, computer solutions in general, creative and innovative, flexible, stable, oriented to customer satisfaction, using the latest agile technologies with a large select group of talents based in the imperial city.
Our philosophy is first to unlearn that abroad there is everything related to technological solutions.
Our model is focused on the quality of service, teamwork and professionalism.


To be a global leader in IT solutions specialized in technological innovation projects. Being the embryo of great Peruvian projects and talents in IT and added value for the most efficient and flexible tourism industry globally, and be Cusco in the direction of a Smart City.


Maintain a high level of satisfaction of our customers, complying with our commitments and with the stipulated time, supported by adequate technological support and a team of committed professionals. Developing and offering projects of great social impact at national and international level, in any field helping companies to solve problems in their processes making use of information technology and communications (ICT). Providing security, reliability, confidentiality, kindness, quality and professionalism in all our activities, with Cusqueños talents.

* Happy to contribute to your growth *

We specialize in providing an effective service in all areas that comprise services & cloud solutions, online marketing, web development itself digital all 3.0
  • Increase your sales via Web.
  • Enter the digital world 3.0.
  • Improve your customer's experience with your business.
  • Invest in technology and increase your productivity.